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Non profit ,Humanitarian program,dedicated to helping needy children.

1 goal: look around the world people, companies institutions, who are they willing to work with the foundation needy children, children trained.

2 goal: From here, in the province of Cadiz we will search homes style mansion or farmhouse or apartments in the city that by reforming either by us or by public or private enterprises, we will give to the building a hospitality use. 

3 goal: we will find children/boys with special needs, from 10 to 16 years old. and by a hotel school we prepare them to read, write, and teach them to professions such as:
waiters, cooks, housekeepers, sales, farmers etc. in the case that some of these children or boys decided university or others, and in the case of that was in our hands, would have access to this possibility.

4 goal: To use the hotel, worked by professionals, such as hotel in the city or rural, we would have the ability to generate wealth that would go reinvested in the education of these children

5 goal: We'd have groups between 15 and 20 children, limited number to be the best for its development.

 On the one hand, companies donate buildings, apartments and others. Furthermore, the foundation would be responsible for furnishing and enable the buildings to be able to launch an inn combined with the lodging of an estimated 15 children or boys in need.
Our role would be to take care of their food, dress appropriately, their education and adequate preparation for the future. As part of their education would have classes in reading, writing and mainly suitable courses for their departure abroad to develop a work activity when they reach the appropriate age. Language courses, hospitality, landscaping, masonry etc.
The remaining buildings were converted by their location and style (a single plant or a wing of the building, etc) in rental houses for tourists or students of flamenco (flamenco City is just 5 minutes walk from New Medina, where the foundation would be located).
The breakdown of the building would be depending on the proper disposition. we may use as a student hostel two or four floors of the end of a wing and the main door would close. If we had commercial rooms we would use to teach the courses or dining room.
 The rest of the apartments would be rented by the foundation and  we  would also use apartments of the  other companies that them want to assign  us to run them.

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